Ep. 057 - 4 Verbs, Vision, & Youth Ministry with John Stumbo

Ryan and Zach were honored to speak with John Stumbo, President of The Christian & Missionary Alliance. During this discussion, John talks about his 4 verbs for the Alliance: love, proclaim, reach, launch, and how those bleed into youth ministry and the church. We also talk about the need students have to communicate the gospel well. Sit back and listen to President Stumbo's heart and enthusiasm for The Alliance and the body of Christ.


0:00 to 8:52

-    Welcome to episode 57 and Ryan is still confused as to our podcast name.
-    Get some AY Merch! LifeMerch.com
-    Pats vs. Steelers – a wonderful Facebook bet.
-    Zach seriously burped into the mic twice. Why do we like him?
-    Ryan gets on his soapbox and preaches against ugly sweater parties.
-    Tommy Tomicelli, what a guy.


Main Segment: John Stumbo

8:53 to 51:47

-    Welcome John Stumbo, President of the Christian & Missionary Alliance!
-    President Stumbo tells us about his youth ministry experience.
-    “I didn’t know what I was doing. I have 30 kids in front of me and a bible in my hand.”
-    Ryan falls asleep?
-    What’s on the President’s heart for his next term.
-    How President Stumbo’s 4 verbs spill into youth ministry.
-    A look into his soul.
-    Why it’s important to have a national youth ministry arm.
-    The joys of ministry networks.
-    Which of the verbs can we impress on the youth of our nation?
-    Students need to know how to communicate the gospel biblically and well.
-    We’ve been more restrictive with women than we need to, how do we open doors for them to use their gifts?
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