Ep. 056 - Youth & Children's Ministry Partnership with Melissa MacDonald

Ryan's out in Cali for training so Zach sat down with Melissa MacDonald, The C&MA National Children's Disciplemaking Specialist. This episode is full of important questions and statements about how crucial the partnership between youth and children's workers real is. We'd tell you to take notes, but we already did that for you!


0:00 to 3:28

-    Welcome to episode 56, Ryan is too good for us.
-    Thanks to Melissa MacDonald, The C&MA National Children’s Disciplemaking Specialist.
-    Mel had knee surgery, and it’s her first time back since the drugs, so have grace.


Main Segment: Melissa MacDonald

2:50 to 32:45

-    Melissa tells us how she got into ministry.
-    Idaho is actually a state, who knew?
-    Melissa’s desert experience that led her to the National Office.
-    The importance of having a good connection with your children’s worker when you’re working with youth.
-    “The weird God squad”
-    “What do you want kids to know and believe?” – A conversation between youth & children’s workers.
-    “We’re not called to age groups, we’re called to ministry.”
-    If pastors thought about where they want their church in 10 years, they would be looking at children’s and youth ministry.
-    How can youth & children’s ministries build a bridge within their church?
-    Come as a learner. Ask questions.
-    “How can I best serve you? How can you assist me as a youth worker?”
-    Get to know each other’s ministry and get involved.
-    Sit down and have strategic conversations together.
-    “Are we missing an educational opportunity for children’s workers?”
-    If we work together, we can do better ministry separately.
-    “We give kids marshmallows to go to a gun fight.”
-    Does church structure need to change?
-    Youth workers: take a fresh look at Children’s ministry and it’s importance.

-    A huge thank you to Melissa for an awesome discussion!
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