Ep. 047 - The Gospel and Unity with Kelvin Walker

Ryan & Zach are back with Kelvin Walker of Bedford Community Church. Amongst their normal antics, they discuss the transformation power of the Gospel, not just for salvation, but how we can help a hurting world. Don't miss this one!


00:00 to 10:57

- Welcome from Zach and Ryan
- Values meeting with the guys and Dan Boal
- Today’s guest: Kelvin Walker, the mega leader!
- Quick tidbit on spiritual formulas from Kelvin
- Zach is super tired after his fall kick off
- It’s official...Zach is a “real pastor”
- Ryan is starting “Big Picture Bible” with his students
- Kelvin’s 5 year anniversary at Bedford was ushered in with cake.



10:58 to 20:33

- Discussing all of the world wide natural disasters
- Instead of figuring out God’s timeline, we should be focusing on how we can be Jesus to those that are hurting
- If you feel to urge, go and do something
- We are reactionary people


Main Segment:

20:34 to 43:12

- Kelvin kicks off a discussion on the lack of biblical knowledge he sees within the church
- Knowledge not for the sake of knowledge, but for knowing God
- “SOAP” - Scripture, observation, application, prayer
- Do we really know the stories we think we do?
- Having a greater understanding of the Bible systematically and it’s importance
- Kelvin explains how they’re rolling this out church wide
- While we should empower generations to reach their generation, it’s not an excuse for people to not understand other generations
- Kelvin hopes that all generations of his church would be excited about reading God’s word
- Two parts of Kelvin’s soul care regimen: embracing solitude,  having a close group of guys to gather with and ask each other “how’s your soul?”
- Kelvins closing statement: if you don’t give youth pastors the resources they need, don’t expect them to reach the next generation like you hope they would. Care about not just their performance, but their soul.



43:13 to 50:32

- 5 Star Reviews: We are The Giving Tree?
- Plot twist: Ryan Baker is Elmo. But scary Elmo...
- Everyone loves an uncooked brownie from an EasyBake oven

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