Ep. 046 - Not a Real Pastor goes LIVE & Greg Stier!

Zach & Ryan are joined again by Dan Boal for a first time ever LIVE episode. All three guys met up in Providence Rhode Island to discuss the future of the podcast, and thought it would be fun to record a snippet of the nonsense.

Greg Stier comes on the main segment to discuss evangelism and Next weeks Dare 2 Share LIVE. Check out this awesome episode!



0:00 to 13:40

-    Welcome to the podcast! Dan Boal & Greg Stier are here today.
-    The live episode begins…and like the old men they are…they don’t understand technology.
-    Doug Fields, Dan Boal, same thing…same really long and unnecessary title.
-    We’re live. It’s awkward. You’re welcome.
-    Only Dan would name drop Steve Harvey during his testimony.



13:41 to 27:15

-    The Nashville Statement
-    Churches will have to do something with this if it continues to grow.
-    Youth leaders: read it, know it, and be prepared.
-    Students will hear this different than the older conservative people that could be leading your churches, hear them out.
-    Theology void of relationship?



27:16 to 36:14

-    The guys talk about creating a youth ministry from the ground up.
-    “When are you gonna be a real techie?” – James Grout
-    How do I even summarize what is happening right now?
-    More viewers because “everyone wants to see the train wreck”


Main Segment: Greg Stier

36:15 to 58:04

-    How Greg got into youth ministry & Dare2Share.
-    Where the world “Gospelize” came from and what it means.
-    A discipleship strategy that doesn’t begin and end with evangelism isn’t biblical.
-    The role of intercessory prayer in what Dare2Share does.
-    Do we put our students in situations where they have to rely on God?
-    When you pray for the lost, you will see the lost.
-    What is Dave2Share LIVE?
-    Connect with Greg: dare2share.org, dare2sharelive.org, gospleadvancing.com, gregstier.com, Twitter: @gregstier


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-    Social media: @NotARealPastor



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