Ep. 042 - Intentional Attachement Oriented Relationship in YM

Ryan & Zach are back with another great episode with discussion on mission trips, Michelle Carter, and Attachment Oriented Relationships. Why do some students connect with you and then never come back? Why are some students overly annoying and connected? Dr. Ron explains. 


0:00 to 15:08

-    Ryan is back from his missions trip
-    Zach is horrible at responding to emails…are we really surprised?
-    Baker breaking all the rules.
-    PROFESSIONISM. It’s what you need!


Shout Out:

15:09 to 16:22

-    Our friend at After 9 deserves a shoutout
-    Chad, props to your first ever stand up show!
-    If you weren’t from the south, we would have gone to throw things at you.



16:23 to 22:00

-    Michelle Carter found guilty and sentenced for encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself.
-    A gateway to discuss depression and suicide in your youth groups.


Main Segment: Dr. Ron Belsterling

22:01 to 52:43

-    Welcome Ron!
-    From youth pastor to youth ministry professor.
-    What is an intentional attachment oriented relationship?
-    Youth ministry is beyond hanging out and playing video games, it’s about intentional relationships   with students for a purpose.
-    As youth pastors, we represent parents and God, although we can never take their places.
-    A healthy approach to relating to kids for the purpose of intentional attachment is emphasizing boundaries.
-    Christian/church culture cannot be anti-youth ministry.
-    Avoidance and anxious attachments
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52:44 to 59:25

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