Ep. 045 - GROW with Elle Campbell

Zach & Ryan are in rare form, and its because Elle Campbell, Co-Found of Stuff You Can Use, has jumped in the third chair! There are many a shenanigan to be had, some tips for those creating a first time youth ministry, and a description of GROW, Elle and Kenny's new immersive curriculum. Don't miss this ep!


0:00 to 13:54

-    Pray for Texas and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
-    2 minutes in and Ryan felt it appropriate to quote Taylor Swift.
-    Welcome Elle Campbell!
-    Did we really have to bleep an episode…twice…in the intro…
-    Until we give away meaningful ministry to volunteers, we will continue to limit the kingdom.
-    Elle lost a finger, but don’t worry it’s growing back.



13:55 to 22:12

-    How to create a new youth group from scratch.
-    Have a blast with it, enjoy the process!
-    Start with what you have.
-    Prepare for the ministry to get bigger.
-    Help connect kids with more Godly adults.
-    Be disciplined with your time.
-    Remember to know your “Why”


Main Segment: Elle Campbell

22:13: to 45:43

-    Taylor Swift’s new single: Look What You Made Me Do – Ryan is thrilled.
-    STD’s grow…thanks Ryan.
-    Discipleship: it’s beyond teaching.
-    Be strategic with weekly programming.
-    Have an event strategy.
-    Don’t forget about parents and volunteers.
-    Check out growcurriculum.org/meeting for more info on the strategy!
-    Check out Elle’s weekly Facebook Live videos. Search Stuff You Can Use: A Youth Ministry Community!
-    Find Elle: @stuffyoucanuse /// twitter: @ellllllllllle Instagram: @elllllllllllllllllle
-    Elle is horrible at marketing.


End Show:

45:44 to 48:08

-    Thank you for listening to this show.
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