Ep. 043 - Youth Ministry Coaching with April Diaz

Zach & Ryan (Dan Boal) are joined by April Diaz, Coaching Director at the www.theyouthcartel.com and a certified coach and trainer at Fuller Youth Institute, to discuss everything from #Charlottesville to Youth Ministry Coaching. This episode almost didn't happen! A must listen for sure!


0:00 to 10:43

-    “Ryan” is here…and by Ryan we mean Dan Boal, Director of Alliance Youth
-    Welcome April Diaz!
-    April shares her true feelings about church ministry.



10:44 to 28:19

-    The events in Charlottesville, VA.
-    Did the Church begin speaking up too late?
-    April shares her experience being a part of a racially blended family.
-    Silence is power, and we can’t stay silent.
-    What can you do to be a part of the solution?


Main Segment: April Diaz

28:20 to 45:08

-    Coaching is action oriented and produces results.
-    Coaching without results is just talking.
-    People find a level of despair they can tolerate and call it happiness.
-    April is arguably the most tweetable person.
-    Coaching is for anyone.


End Show:

45:09 to 49:32

-    Connect with April: AprilDiaz.com, find her social media there as well.
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