Ep. 040 - Reach Berlin with Robbie Haddad

Zach & Ryan are joined by Robbie Haddad, international worker from the C&MA, and a current youth worker in Zach's ministry. Robbie is a product of a faithful youth ministry, and is preparing for a 2 year term in Berlin Germany to minister to Syrian refugees. Robbie is passionate about his calling, and it all began with a faithful Youth Worker. You are making a difference!


0:00 to 7:15

-    Episode 40…almost as old as Ryan!

-    Introducing Robbie Haddad

-    4 minutes in and Zach pees his pants



7:16 to 19:43

-    Emotionally draining Senior Pastors…what to do?

-    Always be honest and talk about it.

-    Don’t start a mutiny.

-    When it’s time to leave…get out.



19:44 to 24:51

-    The Axis Culture Translator

-    The Melon app: a blend of Tinder and Chat Roulette


Main Segment: Robbie’s Story

24:52 to 45:24

-    Robbie’s background and home life

-    Big bad missionary dude!

-    The impact of mentoring in the lives of teens

-    Keep up with Robbie’s journey: ReachBerlin.com


End Show:

45:25 to 48:14

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-    Episode wrap up – Robbie, thank you for sharing!

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