Ep. 039 - Whatever this thing is...

Zach & Ryan are all over the place in this episode. They discuss books they are reading, speaking at a summer camp, and Eugene Peterson. This episode has all the marks of a mid July summer jam. No segments, no form, still good.


0:00 to 15:42

-    Ryan Baker with the Eugene reference in the first minute.

-    Ryan telling about his church’s baptism.

-    Zach is at Berea preaching for teens!

-    Whatcha reading? Ryan – The Christian Imagination by Lelan Ryken
Zach – The 5 Disfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

-    Conflict resolution in church leadership, challenging but crucial.

-    Zach & Ryan then decide to give up on any sort of organization and just talk, so here it goes…


Everything AND The Kitchen Sink:

15:43 to 28:02

-    Eugene Peterson and same-sex marriage.

-    We gotta know for the sake of our teens; let our yes be a yes and no be a no.

-    Zach and his experience at Berea.

-    This podcast…horrible.


End Show:

28:03 to 34:00

-    5 Star Reviews: Laughed, Cried & Kiss 60 Minutes Goodbye!

-    Episode wrap up – Zach, thank you for sharing!

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