Ep. 038 - Top 5 Things to Expect on a Youth Group Trip

Zach and Ryan are back! They talk about their busy summers, their hurt feelings about last weeks teasing from Katlyn, and the Top 5 things that they expect from every Youth Group Trip.



0:00 to 12:22

-    We found out that Zach and Ryan are capable of counting to 10!

-    Crazy summer schedules never end!

-    Professional youth ministry: what do we really mean?

-    Aaaaaannndddd Zach isn’t wearing pants…

-    Ryan & Zach are hurt…HOW DARE YOU KATLYN?!


Main Segment: 5 Things to Expect on a Youth Group Trip

12:23 to 35:53


-    Break ups, budding romance & the drama of it all.

-    Someone vomits, gets the flu or is rushed to the ER…never fails.

-    Making the program director angry…well…maybe this is just Zach.

-    Power hungry college kids with stupid rules.

-    THAT kid that has their Wednesday/Thursday meltdown.

-    After 26 minutes Ryan & Zach are still bitter about Katlyn’s roasts.

-    Spiritual transformation.

-    Pranks: Girls vs. Boys


End Show:

35:54 to 37:36

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