Ep. 033 - Dr. Andy Root: Faith Formation in a Secular Age

Zach & Ryan are joined by youth worker, author, and professor, Dr. Andy Root to discuss his new books, his ideas on faith, and of course, the Grace of Dogs. Great conversation was had by all.


0:00 to 11:16

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Congratulations to Zach and his wife Anna on the birth of Benjamin!

-    Introduction of Dr. Andy Root

-    From the local church to academia

Links mentioned in this segment:

-    The Grace of Dogs

-    Faith Formation in a Secular Age


11:17 to 20:57

-    Forcing Ryan to do more work

-    What’s it like to be bi-vocational?

-    Praise to the podcast!

-    Sorry ‘bout the show notes…

Main Segment: “Faith Formation in a Secular Age”

20:58 to 51:49

-    The story behind “The Grace of Dogs”

-    Faith, family and the spirituality of dogs

-    The church has been more infatuated with a youthful spirit than the holy spirit

-    The decline of faith in the past 500 years

-    Faith in Jesus, no faith at all, or a third way? Too many options!

End Show:

51:50 to 54:27

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