Ep. 036 - Zach Hummer: Raising a Kid with Special Needs

Ryan and Zach are alone again today, and all the normal non-sense takes place. The boys discuss their schedules, sex trafficking, and Zach is interviewed about how he has done ministry while raising a child with special needs.



0:00 to 10:29

-    Zach Hummer opens the show and fails to properly roast Ryan Baker

-    Talking about the church crazy train, also known as VBS

-    Church renovations


Trending: Sex Trafficking

10:30 to 19:52

-    Nearly 240 child predators arrested during police raid

-    Helping parents with internet safety for teens

-    Monitor space and time (lead by example)

-    As a parent, research and learn technology

-    Monitoring your kids usage is not the same as reading a diary

Links mentioned in this segment:

Operation Broken Heart III


Main Segment: Raising a Kid with Special Needs

19:52 to 46:09

-    Zach’s daughter was born with cystic fibrosis: a genetic disease that has to do with the way the body process sodium, causing loss of lung function.

-    When you get this kind of news, where do you go spiritually?

-    Husband and wife turned teammates

-    Finding your new normal when caring for your child

-    Without support, failure can happen


End Show:

46:10 to 48:32

-    Episode wrap up – Zach, thank you for sharing!

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