Ep. 035 - David Eaton: A Discussion on Youth Culture

Ryan & Zach are joined this week by David Eaton, CEO and Co-Founder of Axis, a company devoted to helping parents have good conversations with their kids. Today the boys listen and comment as David explains a few of his concerns and ideas about Youth Culture today. No trending this week, Ryan is away in Texas!


0:00 to 18:16

  • Ryan Baker opens the show
  • Introduction of David Eaton, CEO/Co-Founder of Axis
  • Teens, driving and the beginning of a discussion on translating youth culture.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Youth Ministry Booster

Main Segment: “A Discussion on Youth Culture”

18:17 to 43:32

  • Questions on your brain: What is your one sermon? What do you live, preach, talk about, etc.
  • Going beyond our beliefs into how we act and what our habits are.
  • The questions being asked about faith and life have shifted.
  • Teens have become down right mean.
  • BIG IDEA: Are social media and virtual reality are the new gnosticism?
  • How Axis can help your youth ministry.

Links mentioned in this segment:

AXIS Culture Translator


43:32 to 45:46

  • Rate us 5 stars, say you love the show, review something that isn’t our podcast.
  • Freedom in preaching about poop…?
  • Cowboys and space ranger friends.

End Show:

45:46 to 46:57

  • Final pitch to our website and social accounts.
  • Thank you David Eaton!