Ep. 034 - Transitioning well from one ministry to another

Ryan & Zach are joined by Jason Dumaine, friend and local youth pastor who has some thoughts on transitioning from one youth ministry to another. How do we transition well? What should we avoid? Jason's story gives us some things to think about.


0:00 to 12:59

-    Welcome to the podcast!

-    Admiration of Ryan Baker’s beauty

-    Introduction of Jason Dumaine, Youth Pastor of 19 years

-    Storytime: the time that youth ministry got Jason arrested.


13:00 to 27:24

-    22 year old man constipated from birth? Make it a sermon illustration!

-    Negligence over Missions Trip Death: what do your release forms say?

-    Atlanta church bus crash, 1 girl passed away

Links mentioned in this segment:

“Appeals Court Finds Sufficient Evidence of Negligence in Lawsuit over Missions Trip Death”

Main Segment: “Transitioning Well”

27:25 to 51:37

-    Jason’s 19 years of ministry.

-    Mourn and move on: cut the cord!

-    Be building up your successor.

-    Finances, foreclosure, and the personal effects of transition.

-    Having transparency with pastoral staff on thoughts and plans.

-    Find Jason on Facebook!

End Show:

51:37 to 54:42

-    Final pitch to our website and social accounts.

-    Send us an email: Ryan@NotARealPastor.com or Zach@NotARealPastor.com

-    5 Star Review: You the bomb Jeff!