Ep. 029 - The Value of Having Values

Zach & Ryan once again prove that, without a guest, they spiral into chaos. A show about values, demonic blue whales, and executive orders... What could possibly go wrong!?

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0:00 to 6:32

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Being a part of half a conversation

-    Listening to Ryan and Zach wave to each other…so entertaining

-    No special guest..God help us all.



6:33 to 12:16

-    An App full of Demonic Blue Whales, a suicide challenge

-    Blue Whale, Aaron Hernandez and 13 Reasons Why: address it


12:17 to 21:32

-    Politics: but breathe because we’re not taking sides

-    Trump Executive order & religious freedom

-    Churches endorsing candidates from the pulpit

-    Inappropriate comments from Stephen Colbert


Main Segment: The Value of Having Values

21:33 to 34:40

-    Developing personal and vocational values

-    The good, the bad and the ugly values of your ministry

-    What’s slowing you down or keeping you from moving forward?

-    What is counteracting our mission?

Links mentioned:

Leading Without Power by Mark Oestreicher


End Show:

34:41 to 41:35

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