Ep. 032 - Oh, the Spaces you'll Go!

Ryan & Zach record a week early to prep for their crazy schedules. This episode is all about different spaces that we create within our Youth Ministries. How are you varying your meetings?

Thanks for listening to Ep. 32, the guys will be back next week with a more traditional episode for you!



0:00 to 2:00

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Ryan is heading to C&MA Council & Zach’s havin’ a baby!

Main Segment: Oh, the Spaces You’ll Go!

2:01 to 14:17

-    Creating a small group feel in a large group space

-    Evaluating your spaces…is it worth it?

-    Creating new environments during the summer

-    Rabbit trail: the Babylon Bee


14:18 to 16:00

-    Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert

-    Coptic Christians killed in Egypt

Main Segment: Continued

16:01 to 27:24

-    Summer small groups

-    Small, medium, large? Changing things up

-    Just because you’ve always done it doesn’t mean you should keep doing it

End Show:

27:25 to 37:11

-    Upcoming guests!

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-    Social media: @NotARealPastor