Ep. 031 - Getting More done in the Office

Zach & Ryan are prepping for a few crazy weeks of family life and ministry by recording a few episodes in a row. This is the first. Joined by Chris Coakley, President & CEO of Grain of Hope. The boys share this productivity tips, and discuss life in Youth Ministry.



0:00 to 19:40

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Shout out to Ryan for saying the wrong episode number…lame.

-    Chris Coakley from Grain of Hope is back!

-    Zach is sick due to a disgusting pre-school child

-    Hear all about Grain of Hope on episode 8

-    Insulting the Alliance Youth website…wow.


Links Mentioned:

Grain of Hope: GrainOfHope.org

The re-vamped Alliance Youth website:


Main Segment: Oh, the Spaces You’ll Go!

19:41 to 39:09

-    Looking at your week in daily thirds, staying in rhythm

-    White boards, reminders, and check it off!

-    Keep the fam a priority

-    Free App: Slack

-    Bullet Journal; or as the hipsters call it BuJo

-    Free App: To-doist

-    Evaluate your job description

-    2 days off in a row: life changing


End Show:

39:10 to 43:47

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