Ep. 030 - Are you Valuing Your Volunteers?

Zach & Ryan are joined by fellow youth workers, Betty Morejon & Laura Slezak from Sunny Florida! The crew talks about cyber attacks, faith based films, and, most importantly, how to value our volunteers and youth ministry teams.


0:00 to 11:47

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Have fun in jail Ryan!

-    Laura Slezak and Betty Morejon’s youth ministry journey

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Little Jossie:

11:48 to 16:21

-    Growth during transition

-    With blessings come new challenges

-    Transition between student to adult leader


16:22 to 27:42

-    Ransomware: CYBER ATTACK!

-    Keep track of your kids and their technology

-    A vegetable is not just a vegetable!

-    Generational Sins: The Movie

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AXIS Culture Translator


Main Segment: Are You Valuing Your Volunteers?

27:43 to 52:41

-    Delegating more than just talking to kids

-    Honoring the personal lives of your volunteers

-    “How can I take care of you?”

-    You better recognize!

-    Where’s my safe place?!

-    Play dates are crucial

-    Be available


End Show:

52:42 to 54:33

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