Ep. 024 - Worship: What role does it play in your Youth Group?

Zach & Ryan are left alone again! It was good though. Zach came up with the best middle name of all time, the boys talk about April Fools Day pranks, and online privacy. Our main segment focuses on worship at Youth Group and the importance of having a teaching a solid theology of worship to your students.


0:00 to 13:35

-    Ryan & Zach alone again.
-    Ryan went to see TobyMac and Zach starts singing Mandisa.
-    Zach’s first week with a senior pastor.
-    Ryan shares about his upcoming youth missions trip.



13:36 to 24:34

-    A Poop Tracking Belt?
-    Netflix LIVE…April Fools!
-    Internet Privacy Bill – what is means for youth ministry.


Main Segment: Worship

24:35: to 55:12

-    Zach starts off by dropping some scripture!
-    You are a part of a royal priesthood, now.
-    Worshipping through sorrow and joy.
-    Worship is beyond music.
-    Use what you have and don’t always jump on the new songs
-    If you don’t know music, try to learn a little bit.
-    Sing in keys kids can actually sing in.
-    Use the senses to your advantage.


End Show:

55:13 to 57:49

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