Ep. 027 - Bethany Needham: Hey Girl! Podcast & Intimacy with God

Zach & Ryan are joined by friend of the show and fellow Podcaster, Bethany Needham to talk about her new show, Hey Girl!, depression, suicide, youthmin, and fostering intimacy with God in our busy lives.



0:00 to 15:03

-    Welcome from Ryan & Zach!

-    The horror that is the Tappan Zee Bridge

-    Bethany Needham…HEY GIRL!


Little Joshie:

15:04 to 20:47

-    Joshie is the first youth pastor at his church in 20 years.

-    Setting up a meeting with his volunteers…that didn’t go as planned.



20:48 to 36:56

-    Revisiting 13 Reasons Why

-    Connecting to Christian counselors in our areas for referrals

-    Shortages of mental health professionals

-    A huge part of Bethany’s story that you can’t miss.


Main Segment: Bethany Needham: Hey Girl! Podcast & Intimacy with God

36:57: to 1:01:23

-    The starving baker…and no were not talking about Ryan

-    Getting out in nature to change your perspective

-    You can only give as much as you’ve received, out of overflow

-    Reading large portions of scripture at one time

-    Prayer journaling: keeping it with you constantly

-    Receive, remember, respond, relate

-    Set a time and be committed

-    Reach out to Bethany: @heygirlpod or her personal IG: @bethanyneedham


Links Mentioned in this Segment:

Youth Ministry Booster

Spiritual Formation as if the Church Matters

Simplify: 10 Practices to Unclutter Your Soul


End Show:

1:01:24 to 1:04:35

-    Our newest 5 Star review: Youth Room Air Hockey Tables.

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