Ep. 026 - Jon Mann: The Joys & Challenges of Ethnic Ministry Contexts

Friend of the show and Youth Pastor Jonathan Mann joins Zach & Ryan to discuss the joys and challenges of Ethnic Ministry Contexts. Lots of laughs and time for serious discussion around mental health issues, and the new Netflix series "13 Reasons".


0:00 to 12:24

-    Welcome from Ryan & Zach!
-    Jon Mann, authentically Chinese.
-    Being a C&MA Point Person is building relationships.
-    The senior pastor search struggle.



12:23 to 26:28

-    The Netflix Original Series: 13 Reasons Why
-    Addressing suicide: was this too much?
-    Parents, discuss with kids. Youth workers, discuss with students.
-    Is this glamourized? Can this lead to copy cats?


Main Segment: Jon Mann: The Joys & Challenges of Ethnic Ministry Contexts

26:29: to 58:45

-    What is youth ministry like in Jon’s Chinese ministry context?
-    The dynamic of students who are a part of two cultures.
-    The shifts that happen between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations.
-    The similarities between missionary kids and immigrant kids.
-    Building relationships at a youth leader level to aide in build cross cultural relationships.
-    Find Jon on social media @jonjonmann or email him: jbmann@gmail.com


End Show:

58:46 to 1:01:05

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