Ep. 025 - Rick Lawrence: Gritty Youth Ministry

Zach & Ryan are joined by Youth Min Champion, author, and Editor of Group Mag, Rick Lawrence. They talk about the effects of tech, bombings in Egypt, and Rick's new book about being a Gritty Christian. This episode was posted late, but it was all Zach's fault.

1. Welcome Rick Lawrence!

0:00 to 15:28

- Zach & Urban Dictionary are no longer Friends
- Welcome to Rick Lawrence & a look into his life
- Ryan talks about his Parent meeting - Connections
- Zach wants you to be careful what you pray for
- Ryan buys 'incense' at a special shop

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: Rick's Website

2. Trending!

15:28 to 27:54

- Ryan watches 60 minutes - He is old - and has a segment for you to watch
- Brain Hacking and its effects on Adolescence
- New home for GROUP Mag is Youthministry.com
- Whiteboard Wednesday and Rick's blogging
- Call to prayer for the bombed Churches in Egypt

Links mentioned in this segment:

60 Minutes: Brain Hacking
Website: YouthMinistry.com the new home for GROUP Mag

Blog & Video: Whiteboard Wednesdays with Rick
Call to Prayer: Bombed Egyptian Churches

Main: Gritty Youth Ministry

27:58 - Ending

- Rick's writing Journey and how it runs deep within his calling
- A brief moment to reflect on a ridiculous pursuit of Christ
- What is GRIT? Where did it start out?
- Growing GRIT requires spiritual things - Suffering and a Higher Power
- Redemption vs. Rescue
- Don't let your kids wait for the bus in a heated car!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Rick's Books: Check out and buy Rick's books as we wait for the new one!
Video & Article: What is GRIT - Angela Lee Duckworth TED Talk
Podcast: Connect with Rick's Podcast - Paying Ridiculous Attention to Jesus

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