Ep. 20 - Middle School Ministry is best Ministry

Charlie Conder, Middle School Pastor and Coach @ the Youth Cartel, joins Zach and Ryan to discuss the joys of ministering to JR Highers. They talk about elders, Lent, Snapchat, internet trolls, gay Disney characters, and everything in between. Enjoy the episode and let us know what you think.

1. Welcome Charlie Conder!


- Zach talks about his new senior pastor and calling him a fascist in the game “Secret Hitler”
- Ryan goes to SUPER early elder meetings at 5:30am and encourages everyone to pray for their elders and pastors.
- Charlie bemoans the difficulty reality of having a teenage daughter, and the types of boys young women should be looking for.

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2. Trending:


- Zach talks about snapchat, investing in snapchat stock, and calls us all internet trolls.  
- Ryan, loves using his wife’s deodorant. He also talks about La Fue from Beauty and the Beast being gay. It begs the question. Is Ryan not telling us something?
- He encourages us to not expect the world to act like Christians.
- Charlie and Zach are confused that everyone is upset over Lefue is gay, and not that Belle is in a relationship with a verbally abusive and angry buffalo.

Links Mentioned in this segment:

Were all internet trolls sometimes.
Beauty and the Beast Boycott

3. Main: Middle School Ministry is best Ministry


 - Charlie shares her background about how she got into Middle School ministry
- Volunteers: The importance of finding the right people.
- Being inclusive starting with the adults at the door, and in the teaching.
- Middle school students are naturally inclusive, and they are taught to be mean and exclusive.
- She invites them constantly to church, and gets them plugged into the church body. Also, feed them chik-fil-a.
- The Senior pastor has to preach form the pulpit the values and needs of connecting middle school students to the life of the church. 

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