Ep. 023 - 5 Critical Connections that Keep Students Engaged in Church

Dan Boal Returns! Alliance Youth Director and Youth Ministry Consultant at the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Dan brings a crucial discussion on 5 connections that must be in place for students (and just about anyone, really) to stay engaged in the local church. Zach & Ryan want to say thank you for listening, they cannot believe the show is 23 episodes old!


0:00 to 8:25

-    Ryan & Zach are joined with Dan Boal, Director of Alliance Youth!
-    Ryan sends his wife on vacation out of guilt.
-    Dads…stop being crappy.
-    4 In N Out visits in a week, what were we thinking?



8:26 to 19:42

-    A father finding out something horrible about his daughter.
-    “What Happens When?” – A free resource
-    Get involved before tragedy strikes
-    To find your states mandatory reporting laws google, “mandatory reporting (your state name)”


Main Segment: Dan Boal

19:43: to 54:12

-    5 Critical Connections to Keep Students Engaged in Church
-    Dan’s stealing content so people think he’s a genius.
-    Ministry is about intentionality.
-    1. Connected to Godly friends.
-    2. Connected to a caring adult.
-    3. Connected to Jesus through His word and faith filled experiences.
-    4. Connect to a role to play using their spiritual gifts.


End Show:

54:13 to 57:49

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