Ep. 022 - Becoming a Part of your Local Community

Zach & Ryan are joined by Chad & Zac from the After9 Youth Ministry podcast! The mega-sode! What a fun time of laughs, insight, and practical ideas. We hope you enjoy this one, and get start getting involved in your town or city!


0:00 to 15:40

-    Ryan & Zach are joined by Chad & Zac from the After9 Youth Min podcast!
-    “We are the greatest intern you’ll ever have. And one you can afford.”
-    5 minutes in and Zach calls our guests losers. This is why people don’t like us.
-    Ryan stripping in the pulpit?
-    Zach’s new Senior Pastor started this week.


Little Jossie:

15:41 to 21:20

-    People call her crazy for loving middle school ministry, but it’s the best hour & a half of her week.
-    Youth ministry is a bunch of jobs, all crammed into one, and it’s an adventure.
-    God led her straight to her calling, no option.
-    Ryan was Jocelyn’s youth pastor.



21:21 35:49

-    A gentleman jumps through a McDonalds drive thru window to save a woman’s life.
-    Chuck Berry’s passing and his music in space.
-    The more time you spend online, the more you feel lonely as an adult.


Main Segment: Becoming a Part of Your Local Community

35:50 to 1:03:46

-    Find where communities of young people exist outside of the church.
-    Partner with different organizations within your town, you can get plenty of ministry opportunities.
-    Get creative! Ex. Youth ministry investing in a local football team.
-    The largest youth group they’ve led showed up simply because there were donuts.
-    Reach out to town officials.
-    Work in healthy ways, not the easy ways.
-    Keep up with the guys at youthministrybooster.com


End Show:

1:03:45 to 1:06:21

-    Thank you for listening to this show.
-    Reading a review about how great Zach is *eye roll*
-    E-mail us: Zach@notarealpastor.com || Ryan@notarealpastor.com
-    Social media: @notarealpastor

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