Ep. 021 - Mark Oestreicher: Leading without Power

The man, the myth, the legend, Marko Oestreicher joins Zach & Ryan on the show today to discuss his new book Leading without Power. So many nuggets of wisdom, leadership development, and insults were toss around today, and we know you're going to love it. 

1. Welcome Mark Oestreicher!

0:00 to 13:31

- Snowpocalypse 2017 & Intro to Marko
- Blonde Highlights, Zeus' Beard
- Difficult situation with Zach
- Ryan discusses porn and suicide with his youth group
- Marko's eyes are getting old, but people just think its a brilliant plan for increased engagement.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: Fight the New Drug
App: The Fortify Program

2. Trending!

13:31 to 26:38

- Murderous robot cars are coming for you
- Ryan's friends constantly make fun of Zach. Always fun but never loving. 
- Zach has cost all millennial investors in Snapchat gobs of money. 
- Marko explains why Zach is ignorant, stupid, and full of hubris. 
- Youth Cartel Youth Ministry Coaching Clusters
- Follow up - Leading by insulting!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Article: To make us Safer, Robot car may Kill...
Article: Snap Stock Leaves Millennial Investors Under Water

Website: Youth Cartel Coaching

Main: Leading without Power

26:38 - Ending

- Leadership without Mercy. Marko's journey to writing the new book
- Lead without Power: Where does the name come from?
- Story of meeting with Robert Epstein. Parenting by facilitating competencies
- Competency Facilitators and Noticers
- Relational influencers
- What job description was left out of the book?

Links mentioned in this segment:

Main Book: Leading without Power: 9 Pathways to Non-Coersive Ministry Leadership
Book: Andy Root: Relational Youth Ministry Incarnation
Blog: Marko's Blog
Website: The Youth Cartel Main Page

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