Ep. 016 - More to add about Discipleship

Zach & Ryan are alone again on the show. Trust us, it was a LONG episode to edit! The boys love to talk, which makes sense when you are pastors who start a podcast. Today is about the Super Bowl, Zach's new technology paranoia, and a great discussion around discipleship.

1. Welcome, Sunday School, & Super Bowl

0:00 to 21:24

1. New England Patriots are the Super Bowl 51 Champs! Let your hatred consume you!
2. Ryan is planning some new things for his Sunday School courses

3. Zach is using the Bible Project to teach the bible as one whole story.
4. Comment, tweet, message us with ideas for things you might want to hear.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Video: Tom Brady "Roger That" Shields Commercial
Video: The Bible Project Genesis 1-11 (Part One)
App: Read Scripture App - Reading plan to go along with the Bible Project


2. Trending!

21:24 to 42:14

1. Ryan tries! It was crazy! Google Homes turned on during a commercials. Thanks Ry!
2. Snapchat lawsuit changes Discovery feature for the better

3. Zach is paranoid about technology because he listened to the TED Radio Hour
4. How will you model a healthy relationship with your tech?

Links mentioned in this segment:

Podcast: TED Radio Hour - Screen Time - Part 2
Article: Snapchat Law Suit

Main: More to add about Discipleship...

42:14 - Ending

1. Ryan showed a Christian Movie. Zach is a terrible person.
2. The American church needs to understand that Suffering is part of discipleship.
3. Getting back to the faith and practice of the early church fathers.
4. Ryan calls us to deeper disciple making in Youth Group.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Film: "I'm not Ashamed" 
Book: Bill Hull - Complete Book of Discip
leship: On Being and Making Followers of Christ
Book: Robert Webber - Ancient Future Faith

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