Ep. 19 - A call to Action for Millennials

Ryan & Zach enter into some serious conversations juxtaposed with nonsense. Which, if we are honest, is a pretty good description of all our shows. Today however, lands in two areas that both Zach & Ryan feel very passionately about. We hope this episode is as life giving for you as it was for us.


1. Opening Banter

00:00 - 14:15

- Attempting Episode 19…again
- What is this podcast again? Our missing guest - Dan Boal
- Zach podcast cheated on Ryan - our partnership with Zach and Chad of After 9 and YMB
- Normal is normal. Zach and Ryan talk a little youth ministry
- Zach gets cold at youth group, and it gets weird.

Links mentioned on this segment:

Website: Youth Ministry Booster
Podcast: After9 Youth Ministry Podcast

2. Little Joshy's First Year in Youth Min

14:15 - 20:11

- Joshua Brooks on Facebook
- @unlimitedsoup on Snapchat

3. Trending

20:11 - 28:11

- Ryan and Zach process a Teen Vogue Article
- Apparent normalization of Abortion

Links mentioned in this segment:

Main Article: Teen Vogue - Post Abortion Gift Guide
Article: Washington Times - Reaction to Post Abortion Gift Guide
Video: Students for Life - Response

3. Main Segment: A Call to Action for Millennials 

28:11 - End 

- Zach was a little worked up on this one as he responds to this article: 
- Zach talks for a long, long, long time, but Ryan was able to get in a little rant at the end.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Main Article: Faith It - 59% of Millennials are leaving the church and they are trying to tell us why

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