Ep. 018 - Rites of Passage with Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah

Amy Davis Abdallah joins Ryan and Zach this morning for some discussion around better ministry to young women in our youth groups. Amy is all about Rites of Passage, and her discussion about what they are and how they help is really illuminating. They also talk about the Shack, PewDiePie, and how Zach was a terrible student.

1. Welcome Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah!

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1. Ep. 18! We are official! Ryan is a pony
2. Welcome to Amy! Zach is a terrible student

3. Ryan successes in Youth Group this week, and quick bit from Zach on Spotify

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Website: The Lifebook Movement - Books to give out
Website: Spotify News, Daily Mix - What is it?


2. Trending!

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1. The Shack Movie, and thoughts on Tim Challies article.
2. Zach likes when people fight on Facebook.

3. PewDiePie is not a victim! What to understand about this debacle.

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Article: Tim Challies - Why he won't review or go see the Shack Movie
Article: PewDiePie on Forbes

Article: PewDiePie on Polygon

Main: Rites of Passage with Dr. Amy F. Davis Abdallah

35:13 - Ending

1. What are Rites of Passage?
2. How can we understand them in terms of Youth Ministry?
3. Amy's story and ministry
4. Read Amy's book "The Book of Womanhood" for more information

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: Amy F. Davis Abdallah Blog
Website: Amy's book on Amazon

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