Ep. 055 - Educators and Youth Workers: the perfect team with Tom Scarice

Ryan & Zach were joined by Superintendent of Madison, CT schools: Thomas Scarice. We talked about the unique challenges facing iGen, and how schools, parents, and youth ministry can best face these issues. It's important that educators and youth workers work together.


0:00 to 3:28

-    Welcome to episode 55, where our guest is shockingly more Italian than Ryan.
-    Zach throws Ryan under the bus and makes a Taylor Swift pun. Touche.


Main Segment: Tom Scarice

3:29 to 41:52

-    Welcome Tom Scarice, the Superintendent of Madison, CT schools!
-    Tom has been spending a lot of time researching iGen.|
-    On top of his school smarts, Tom is a funny guy!
-    Phones having a greater impact on students than 7 hours in school.
-    When you’re on your phone, the same hormone is emitted as when you drink alcohol or gamble.
-    Facebook is actually helping advertisers target young people who feel worthless; they can pinpoint when a person needs a confidence boost.
-    iGen has only known a nation at war, they begin seeing porn at 11 years old, as well as experiencing desensitization to violence.
-    Students will always respond to strong relationships and connections.
-    Tom has great ways to teaching kids to be accountable to what they say.
-    The importance of family time and “powering off”.
-    “Working with kids isn’t so scary. You can literally change lives.”

-    Ending it off with some Italian traditions!
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