Ep. 052 - Calling and Secular Leadership with Regina Robinson

While at a conference Ryan and Zach caught up with Regina Robinson. In this episode they discuss the difficulties of your calling and how to be a leader in a secular sphere.

Show Notes:

-    We're on location and LIVE at Lead Youth in Nashua, New Hampshire.
-    Welcoming Regina Robinson, a leading legend!
-    The beginning of Regina’s ministry life: church planting.
-    Doctors words are not the final words.
-    Regina shares how her son going missing solidified her call to serve the city of Boston.
-    What are the fundamentals of why you do what you do? What’s your “brand” statement?
-    What are you passionate about? How do you fuel it?
-    Who is your support/accountability? Who champions you on?
-    How scripture has come alive in Regina’s life, especially with her son.
-    God is good, faithful, and he has a purpose for your life.
-    How to care for yourself and others who are mourning.
-   Your story is on lock down.

Katlyn GibersonComment