Ep. 053 - Evangelism with Shawn Hart of RZIM, Pt. 1

Ryan's injured, and him and Zach both tell their sides of the story. More importantly, we talk about Sutherland Springs Church, church safety plans, and have an awesome part one interview with Shawn Hart of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. Check it out!


0:00 to 11:32

-    Welcome to episode 53! Ryan is broken.
-    Zach tells the tale of how Ryan broke himself.
-    The C&MA: we’re not heretics!
-    The craziness of podcasting: RELEASE THE KRAKEN.



11:33 to 20:35

-    Sutherland Springs Church shooting.
-    Ryan’s church has a safety committee.
-    Carrying weapons at church: beyond politics.
-    A time of prayer.


Main Segment: Shawn Hart

20:36 to 46:27

-    Welcome Shawn!
-    Shawn shares his relationship to youth ministry and his passion for it.
-    From jail to leadership!
-    Understanding the person behind the question.
-    As Christians we need to make a defensive without being defensive and present are argument without being argumentative.
-    Don’t look at the Christians, look at the philosophy (Jesus)
-    Moral relativism vs Moral pluralism


End of Show:

20:37 to 50:00

-    Getting in a few Ryan & Zach giggles to end the show!
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