Ep. 048 - Sexuality and the Teenager with Dannah Gresh

Ryan is joined by Dan Boal and Dannah Gresh as they discuss the importance of talking to teenagers about sexuality at a young age, especially due to exposure happening earlier and earlier in their lives. They give advice on creating fun and healthy environments for men and women to allow these discussions to occur. Oh, and as always, there's a few laughs! Check it out.


0:00 to 11:33

-    Welcome to the podcast! Dan Boal is here in place of Zach.
-    Zach is on a mini podcast vacation! We’re super proud of him.
-    Dan almost became Zach’s senior pastor.
-    God at work!
-    What’s happening in your youth ministry?
-    Grow Down by Ken Castor – check it out!



11:34 to 24:15

-    The NFL and “bend the knee”
-    Valuable discussion on both sides
-    The American flag is more than presidential comments, police actions, or political stance.
-    What are the practical implications for you as a youth worker? How does this influence discussions with your students?
-    You have rights as a U.S. Citizen, but you have a covenant with Jesus first.
-    You have rights, but what is RIGHT to do?


Main Segment: Dannah Gresh

24:16 to 51:11

-    Dannah is the first guest to lock herself out of her office as she’s about to record!
-    Dannah tells us how she began working with Pure Freedom.
-    The Bible tells us that the topic of sex is one of the greatest evangelistic tools we have.
-    “I love Jesus but what the bible says about sex and purity is out dated.”
-    God’s teaching on purity and promiscuity was never popular.
-    By the time kids hit youth group, their belief system is fully developed.
-    Singing the doxology for Dan’s wife.
-    Average age of first experience of pornography is 11.
-    Be transparent in your ministry.

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