Ep. 051 - Multi Site Youth Ministry with Calvin Daly

ZACH IS BACK! And thank God, cause we were getting sick of Dan. This episode was recorded live at Lead Youth with Calvin Daly from Manchester Christian Church. On this episode, the guys talk about multi-site youth ministry and leadership practices. Give it a listen!


0:00 to 4:00

-    We’re LIVE at Lead Youth & Zach is BACK YA’LL!
-    Dan did a thing and Ryan made it awkward. Typical Ryan.


Main Segment: Calvin Daly

4:01 to 44:47

-    How Calvin got into youth ministry.
-    Calvin’s process of becoming a multi-site youth ministry.
-    Giving away meaningful ministry.
-    “Multi-site wasn’t decided, it organically happened.”
-    Calvin shut Zach up! It’s a miracle.
-    What role do you love? Do it!
-    What are you doing to reach students for Jesus?
-    Administrative youth ministry minds are rare! Grab them and don’t let them go!
-    “How does your calling keep you focused?”


End of Show:

44:48 to 46:13

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