Ep. 050 - Evangelism from the Trenches of Youth Ministry with Scott Robbins

We've hit a milestone! Episode 50! Today we're joined with Scott Robbins, youth pastor and Alliance Youth district point person from Waco, Texas. We talk about his experience in youth ministry and his clear passion for evangelism.


0:00 to 8:08

-    Welcome to EPISODE 50! Dan Boal is here with Scott Robbins.
-    Dan talks about the future of coaching in Alliance Youth.
-    Ryan’s students raised $9,000 for Grain of Hope!
-    Scott’s students are making disciples, and it’s awesome.



8:09 to 23:28

-    Country travel for youth sports.
-    One family travels 30 weeks a year and spends $15,000.
-    Sports can be a parasite in youth’s lives.
-    Students should be setting standards for themselves now.
-    It’s not changing, so use it to your advantage.
-    Moving on to selfie factories! $37 + 90 minute wait?
-    Can you create shareable moments in your youth ministry?


Main Segment: Scott Robbins

23:29 to 47:28

-    Scott’s call to youth ministry.
-    In Waco, Texas…we eat.
-    Evangelism in the Texas context…it’s easy to hide.
-    “Christian cities” aren’t as Christian as they seem.
-    How to create easy conversations to share the gospel.
-    Breaking denominational lines.
-    Connect with Scott via email: srobbins@alliancewaco.org


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