Ep. 049 - Growing Young with Brad Griffin

Zach is still on sabbatical, but Ryan and Dan are keeping it moving with Brad Griffin of the Fuller Youth Institute! They discussed his new book "Growing Young" written with Kara Powell and Jake Muller. It sets out to provide 6 essential strategies to help young people discover and love your church. Give it a listen!


0:00 to 10:36

- Ryan and Zach! Wait...just kidding it's Dan Boal.
- Ryan dishes out his once per year compliment, and Dan is the recipient!
- Student leader...NAILED IT!
- Beneficial brainstorming.


Main Segment: Brad Griffin

10:37 to 53:43

- Brad answers our #1 question: how did he get into youth ministry?
- Brad's new book with Kara Powell and Jake Mueller: Growing Young
- The academics and research that led to the Growing Young Assessment
- Ryan just exposed his bitterness toward Andy Stanley.
- The myth of the "young cool pastor".
- Youth need to matter not just in the youth ministry, but across the church.
- How are we listening to young peoples voices across the church?
- "Every teenager needs a key to the church" - Brad Griffin
- Doubt creates room for conversation.

Connect with Brad: @BGriffinFYI or FullerYouthInstitute.org


End Show:

53:44 to 56:16

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