Ep. 015 - Redefining when discipleship begins with Tim Meier

Zach & Ryan are joined by friend of the show, and Director of Envision, Tim Meier. Tim is passionate about influencing and growing the next generation, and he shares some of the insights he poured into his recently submitted dissertation.

1. Welcome Tim Meier/#SeniorPastorThoughts

0:00 to 11:02

1. Zach Intros Tim to the show - Tim gave him a bible when he was 16!
2. Tim Meier is the Director of Envision - 
What is Envision?
3. Direct Message on Twitter - No Youth Pastors allowed! haha!

4. Tweet us your own version of #SeniorPastorThoughts - We want to hear them!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: Envision

2. Trending!

11:02 to 25:58

1. Zach takes some time to discuss the Executive Order signed by President Trump. More
popularly known as the Immigration Ban.
2. Students ARE thinking about these things. Use their thoughts and ideas to help them grow spiritually

3. Not every government will perfectly align with a biblical world view
4. Tim urges us to a Global focus. God is not only concerned about protecting America

Main: Redefining where Discipleship begins

25:58 - Ending

1. Tim's passion and ministry
2. People are being formed different in today's world
3. Faith & Discipleship have a "go" aspect attached
4. Young believers need to know what it really means to follow!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: The Summit - Shaping the Soul and Leadership of Young Influencers
Twitter: @timmeier, @weareenvision

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