Ep. 014 - Mark Orr: The Importance of Networking in Youth Ministry

Zach & Ryan catch up with Mark Orr, New England Director of the National Network of Youth Ministries and REACH Youth New England. Mark is a Youth Ministry 'yoda' with 40 years of experience.

1. Welcome Mark Orr/Camp Berea

0:00 to 16:53

1. Back to the way we used to do things! Guests are on for the whole episode! 
2. Who is Mark? 40 Years of Youth Min experience!
3. NNYM & REACH Youth New England

4. Zach is a delinquent. Yay Camp Berea!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: National Network of Youth Ministers
Website: REACH Youth New England

2. Trending!

16:53 to 31:21

1. Mark is a Steelers fan! Let's taunt him! Go Pats!
2. Women's March and important things that we need to remember as youth workers.

- This is hard to deal with. People have opinions, so do the parents of your students. Finding the neutral ground to discuss scripture is hard to discern.
- Don't allow your youth ministry to add to the noise. Opinions are not always expressed in helpful ways. Don't fall into this trap. Bring clarity from a biblical worldview.
- Allow students to process if they want. Be prepared for it!

- Choose your battles! Don't get distracted from our primary calling!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Wiki - The Women's March on Washington

Main: Youth Ministry Networks with Mark Orr.

31:21 - Ending

1. Why did New England need REACH Youth?
2. What trends in youth min are most exciting now?
3. How have these networks helped pastors stay in ministry?
4. What is NNYM's plan for 2017?

Links mentioned in this segment:

Website: National Network of Youth Ministers
Website: REACH Youth New England

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