Ep. 005 - Where is Youth Ministry Heading?

Dan Boal, the National Director of Alliance Youth, joins the show! We take a look at an old article from the Youth Cartel that made some bold predictions about youth ministry back in 2010. Were they right? Check in and see

1. Welcoming our Guest and Opening Banter

00:00 - 18:00

- Dan Boal: Long Title / Giant Resource
- Stripes, Beards, and Middle PA
- Actually planned ahead / Future Guests
- Books, Pranks, and Ancient Prayers

Links mentioned in this segment:

Len Kagler & Jonathan Hobbs - "Don't do this"
Prayer Webpage:

2. Trending

18:00 - 37:45

- Yahoo is alive and well
-  Relevance no longer ships in a box
- “Season finale of the United States” 
- Safe place and baby pins
- Accepting Amygdala
- Snap spectacles and the art of marketing

3. Main Segment: Where is Youth Ministry Heading


Follow along with us as we discuss Jim Candy’s great article

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