Ep. 007 - The Power of short term Mission Trips. James Grout Weighs in.

James Grout talks mission, not 'missions' trips. Why is he passionate about them? What things can students learn in the midst of a service trip? We also take a look at James' new job and his company, Team Send.


0:00 to 6:10

-    Welcome to episode 7 and welcome James Grout!
-    James Grout…just call him Reverend.
-    Chris Coakley will be with us next week!



11:34 to 19:30

-    TV Show: Black Mirror
-    Zach loves technology, but this made him sick.
-    They take technology trends and push it to the farthest limit, each episode is different.
-    “Is this the direction we’re going?”
-    Zach’s love for Gilmore Girls.
-    Katy Perry & her plastic bag. Whole Foods? Walmart?


Main Segment: James Grout

19:31 to 1:16:14

-    James tells us is connection to youth ministry.
-    The problems of short term missions trips, and how they drive what James does.
-    Why missions trips awaken teens.
-    “I miss my Mom. I just want a big mac.” The breakdown moments.
-    Helping students be citizens of the world.
-    The importance of cross cultural training.
-    The vetting process for students to attend trips.
-    Doing debriefs on location.
-    “I stopped promising parents I would keep their kids safe.”
-    The joys of fundraising.
-    Team Send: crowdsourcing for short term mission trips
-    Your donors aren’t donors, they’re investors.
-    The youth pastor cash stash.


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