Ep. 013 - Joshua Becker: Minimalism in life and Youth Ministry

Zach & Ryan are thrilled to have a great conversation with Joshua Becker centering on the Minimalism movement. Joshua is a author and blogger whose most recent book, The More of Less, has been extremely successful.

1. Intro Banter/Youth Group This Week

0:00 to 18:24

1. Zach reflects on being both grateful and offended at receiving an Elliptical as a gift. 
2. Ryan explains how his plan for a 'past, present, and future' themed youth group session worked. Spoiler alert - It was sort of ok!
3. Zach yet again attempts to sell you on the idea that covertly using the Liturgical Calendar in youth ministry is a huge win.

Links mentioned in this segment:

Book: "Let us Keep the Feast: Living the Church Year at Home" http://amzn.to/2jKCeY7

2. Trending!

18:24 to 31:11

1. Cowboys, Packers, and Regrettable tattoos - Zach tells the tragic tale of a Dallas Cowboys fan who prematurely got a 'Cowboys Super Bowl Champs' tattoo on his arm. #truefan #dumbdumb
2. Zach talks about trees and their need for community and diversity. Be like trees people! Get it together!

Links mentioned in this segment:

Twitter: Cowboys fan tattoo fail - http://usat.ly/2jyZXgf
TED Radio Hour Podcast: 'Networks' Episode - http://n.pr/1FC2HMC

Main: Joshua Becker on Minimalism in Life & Youth Ministry

31:11 - Ending

1. How are you connected to Youth Min?
2. What exactly is minimalism? How did you find you way into it? How did it effect your faith?
3. Has your following allowed you to minister to people in a new way?
4. How can this message and lifestyle be effective within the context of Youth Ministry?

Links mentioned in this segment:

Joshua Becker's website & blog - http://www.becomingminimalist.com
Joshua Becker's Amazon Page - http://amzn.to/2iB9Ryp

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