Ep. 012 - Healthy Soil: Nate Parks on trends that exists in Healthy Churches

Nate Parks, President & CEO of Berea Ministries, jumps on the show to talk about healthy churches. Trust us, with a ministry that serves over 1,000 different churches, Nate is qualified to share some of his findings!


0:00 to 7:30

-    Welcome to the podcast…Zach is literally sick and literally tired.
-    Nate Parks, President & CEO of Berea Ministries
-    Farting toilet paper roll?



7:31 to 17:03

-    Page 117; how will your new year go?
-    Zach has a prophetic destiny.
-    Ryan is in the top 10 more influential.
-    What is “ghosting” and why it’s so wrong.


Main Segment: Nate Parks

17:04 to 1:09:25

-    Berea holds about 1,000 churches within its eco-system
-    How are we taking care of the soil so the crops grow?
-    Does your youth groups philosophy align with the church’s?
-    Get tenured volunteers, not chaperones.
-    Working with old fashioned leaders.
-    Youth Ministry has a depth and complexity that was never conceived years ago.
-    Develop great chemistry with parents.
-    How can we build a youth ministry that belongs on a resume?
-    Connecting with Nate: Berea.org // @NateParks on Twitter // Nate Parks on Facebook


End Show:

1:09:26 to 1:10:08

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