Ep. 008 - Grain of Hope: Chris Coakley explains how God transformed a small youth group event into a Relief Organization

Chris is one of the most passionate people we have sat down with thus far. He cares about feeding the hungry and creating sustainable food solutions for villages all around the world. Chris is a former youth pastor, and is watching as God blesses him and his organization.



0:00 to 18:58

-    Welcome to the podcast

-    Chris Coakley and Grain of Hope

-    Helping youth ministry leaders, at any level, to be equipped of the importance of doing youth ministry with excellence

-    Meaty or needy?

-    Still no Senior Pastor for Zach, someone send out a smoke signal!

-    Ryan and his vocal cord paresis


Main Segment: Chris Coakley

18:59 to 1:13:00

-    Chris Coakley, the table flipper.

-    GoH doesn’t just supply food, it helps them develop sustainable food resources

-    Relief & development

-    Training & equipping

-    What does it mean for us to step up?

-    The Story: 19 Kids in 2008

-    From Youth Pastor to CEO

-    Visit GrainOfHope.com to get more information or host an event at your church


End Show:

1:13:01 to 1:22:43

- Prayers of blessing  

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