Ep. 010 - Conflict before Christmas: Conflict resolution is crucial


0:00 to 13:41

-    Welcome to the podcast!
-    Dan Boal is back again.
-    We realize once again, that Dan Boal is very…um…abrasive?
-    Smart at 3 means dumb at 12?
-    Shout out to DJ Skerritbwoy who managed to get white kids dancing to Christian EDM.
-    Merry Christmas…have my kidney stone?



13:42 to 30:57

-    The horror of the Amazon Alexa.
-    Dan is very Anti Apple Air Pods.
-    Pray for Alepo for Berlin.


Main Segment: Conflict before Christmas

30:58 to 59:16

-    Zach needs a senior pastor. Someone. Anyone. Please.
-    Ryan tells us about a tough parent conversation.
-    Parents that call to complain or raise an issue are parents that love their kids.
-    Do you give teens the choice to go to church?
-    Being obedient to authority, even if you don’t like it.
-    Messy volunteer relationships that lead to dismissal.
-    Conflict on social media.


End Show:

59:17 to 1:02:36

-    One word: AWKWAAAARD.
-    Conflict: I don’t care for it.
-    #CallThePeacemakers
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