Ep. 009 - Smorgas-board: One way to bring celebration and prayer into your weekly meetings

Zach & Ryan are alone this week enjoying the time together to discuss the important of celebration and prayer in our youth group meetings. We use something called the Smorgas-board. Try it for yourself.

When you gonna be a real Pastor?

Episode 9 - “Smorgas-board: One way to bring celebration and prayer to your weekly meetings”




0:00 to 19:36

-    Welcome to the podcast!
-    …is Ryan wearing pants? The world many never know.
-    Yes, jerks can be youth pastors.
-    Playing the world’s smallest violin for Ryan.
-    Advent – Joy week.
-    Guess what…Zach doesn’t have a senior pastor!



19:37 to 40:12

-    Amazon Grocery Store of the future.
-    Tangent: middle schoolers and the mall.
-    “News isn’t about being right, it’s about being first.”
-    Thinking critically about news.
-    Continuing to pray for Aleppo.


Main Segment: The Smorgas-board!

40:13 to 55:08

-    THE SMORGAS-BOARD: Prayer requests, events, scripture, and more.
-    Allows for movements of the holy spirt.
-    Celebrating the God moments!
-    Matching it up with a series or yearly theme.


End Show:

55:09 to 58:22

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