Ep. 011 - 7 Habits to Break in 2017

Ryan & Zach, left to their own devices again, decide to hit you with yet another 2017 list. As if your Facebook & Twitter feeds weren't already bristling with them. 2 words... You're welcome! Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


0:00 to 24:29

-    Welcome to the podcast!
-    Zach sings his mantra for 2017 for you.
-    Running with the Podcast big dogs.
-    We realize that Zach’s ordination is basically hanging on by a thread.
-    Ryan & Zach recap their 2016 experience.
-    Zach gives his weekly plug for a senior pastor.
-    Write down your goals!



24:30 to 32:26

-    Well…can we start with Mariah Carey?
-    Have you ever had a youth event go off like Mariah Carey’s NYE performance?
-    “I have been dealing with fubbing recently.”
-    Fubbing: ignoring those around you when you’re engaging with your phone.


Main Segment: 7 Habits to Break in 2017

32:27 to 56:43

-    Brace yourself…your cliché new year’s list is coming.
-    If you’re married, don’t commit to more than 2 ministry nights out per week.
-    Don’t be a starving Baker.
-    Don’t say yes to everything.
-    Don’t go it alone. Have life giving, real, trusting friendships.
-    Don’t do everything, delegate. Pull an Elsa, let it go!
-    Do “proactional” ministry.
-    Don’t be rhythmically challenged.
-    Bonus: if you don’t have a mentor, find one!


End Show:

56:43 to 1:00:27

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