Ep. 001 - Who are we? Why should you listen?

Episode 1 is the true beginning of the fun. Follow Zach & Ryan each week as they discuss their lives, spiritual growth, and youth ministries. The goal of the show is encourage youth pastors and workers to see them selves as professionals. 

1. Intro Banter & 'What are you reading?'

0:00 to 19:42

1. Welcome to the show!
2. Ryan is reading "The Celtic Way of Evangelism" by George Hunter III, Zach steals his thunder.
3. Zach is stuck in his ordination work. He is reading "A Pursuit of God" by AW Tozer.

Links mentioned in this segment:
Amazon: Book - "The Celtic Way of Evangelism" George Hunter III
Amazon: Book - "A Pursuit of God" A.W Tozer

2. Trending!

19:42 to 36:50

1. Reflection on the Election... Kenneth Bone... Dear Lord..
2. 85 Bears - ESPN 30 for 30 and its relationship to the election? Thanks Zach
3. Trump's horrible comments and how they preach...
4. Hurricane Matthew and its destruction. Pray! Pray now even if its months later!

3. Main: Teaching at the LEAD Youth Conference

36:50 to End

1. Ryan's Seminar - Keeping leaders bought in for the long haul
2. Zach's Seminar - Leveraging Social Media in your Ministry

Links mentioned in this segment:
Website: Berea Ministries & Greenhouse
Website: LEAD Youth Conference

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