Ep. 004 - Youth Ministry through the eyes of a Regional Director

Zach & Ryan are joined by Rev. Tom Flanders, the Alliance New England District Superintendent. Tom relives his short time as a youth pastor, and then discusses how a regional director sees Youth Ministry.


0:00 to 7:10

-    Welcome to the podcast
-    Welcome Tom Flanders!
-    Ryan likes mob movies…and Taylor Swift?
-    BBQ Chicken Pizza, a Tom Flanders guilty pleasure.
-    Zach plays dungeons and dragons. Fired. So, so fired.
-    “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”



7:11 to 21:29

-    The guys voted and didn’t get stickers.
-    Is this election different?
-    Apologizing for the election.
-    Ryan interrupts the show because of his need for French fries.
-    Best ways to bring forth the kingdom. Is one of them politics?


Main Segment: Youth Ministry through the eyes of a Regional Director

21:30 to 55:15

-    Rev. Tom Flanders: a REAL pastor.
-    Trailer living for the sake of youth ministry.
-    Healthy church: how can we align ourselves to see it happen?
-    If you miss raising up a generation, the implications are huge.
-    How the Gospel fulfills the heart of the millennial.
-    Parents reinforce the consumer mindset of ministry.
-    How can a youth group help a church grow?
-    Find out more about Tom and what he does at AllianceNewEngland.org


End Show:

55:16 to 57:45

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