Ep. 002 - Keeping Volunteer Leaders for the Long Haul

Zach interviews Ryan in the main segment today on his way of keeping volunteer leaders bought in for the long haul. Ryan's "Tier" system is both effective and easy to implement. 

1. Intro: Math & Christmas

0:00 to 9:11

1. Welcome back the show!
2. Ryan is dealing with Math. He's really not happy about it. Zach plays poke the bear
3. Zach is enjoying Christmas in October with a new sound system install.

4. Do you love your Job?

Links mentioned in this segment:
Sound Install: ADG (Audio Design Group) Website

2. Trending!

9:11 to 26:22

1. Taunting Justin Bieber.
2. World Series: Cubs & Indians
3. Power of sports in a community or city
4. Talk about your Youth Group Story with the church body

5. Using the Liturgical Calendar within the Youth Group Meetings

Links mentioned in this segment:
Amazon: Book - "Let Us Keep the Feast" 

3. Main: Keeping Volunteer Leaders bought
    in for the long haul

26:22 to End

1. Ryan Takes some time to explain his Tier System for his leaders. Allowing them space to press harder and pull back when life allows.
2. Zach adds a Tier 4 for going out with your leaders after youth group.

Tier 1: When Available/As needed
Tier 2: Leader at the weekly YG Meetings
Tier 3: Main Group - Plan with Pastor and cast vision
Tier 4: Dinner & Drinks! (This one is optional, but Zach doesn't think so)

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