Ep. 000 - The Lost Show: A Prequel!

Ryan & Zach had to re-record this show due to Zach having a running refrigerator in the background. The boys take a short show to explain the name of the podcast and why they decided to start recording.

1. Welcome to the Show! Meet your hosts!

0:00 to 4:50

1. Ryan Baker - Youth & Worship Pastor
      @ Christ Chapel in Madison, CT
2. Zach Hummer -  Pastor of Student Ministry
     @ Church of Emmanuel in Foxboro, MA

2. The Podcast Names that didn't make the cut

4:50 to 7:35

1. Enjoy!
2. This is just sad... 

3. Understanding our name, and our purpose

7:35 - End

1. When ARE you gonna be a real pastor?
2. Click Here to read the About Page, which has all this and more.

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